Learning to relax through meditation


We live in a world where everything is done at an instant, like convenience, solutions, results and many more and with or without our knowledge, this builds up our stress. This causes major trouble in life and that’s why “meditation”, the most powerful means of concentration is being followed by many in the modern world.

Meditation is one of the oldest forms of calming the mind with the soul which makes people reach higher levels of consciousness than ordinary people. The main idea of meditation is to turn one’s complete attention into a single point of reference, and concentrate on it.

As a starter or just a person with interest about the limitless possibilities through meditation, what you can do at first is familiarize yourself with the various forms of meditation known today. The most common forms of meditation include “Bodhidharma,” “Hinduism,” “Bahá’í Faith,” “Buddhism,” “Christian meditation,” “Islam Meditation,” “Jainism,” “Judaism,” “Sikhism,” and “Taoism.” The understanding and the sets of practices each of these forms follow are different to each other and to know what’s best for you, it’s important to clearly know about each of them. And depending on the form you wish to follow, meditation can be done in various postures, standing, sitting and supine also.

Apart from the postures, the main thing to follow about different meditation forms is the type of meditation practice they use. Many say that the most common is the prayer as many people practice it. But other types of meditation such as transcendental meditation (TM), the mindfulness meditation, and some of the forms included in the Eastern tradition including the Buddhist, Taoist, and Zen meditation too are not so uncommon.

There are four basic elements you need to concentrate on when you are meditating as a starter. They are a place which is quiet, a comfortable posture, an object you can concentrate your fully attention on and a relatively passive attitude.

Learning meditation techniques

Meditating techniques are all about meditation practices and they tend to vary depending on the origin of practice and the culture of the place of origin. It may also vary according to the personality of the person who follows the meditation.

There are two techniques to meditation. One is “concentrative” which involves focusing on something and the other is “expansive” which is made up of a person’s free flowing thoughts, observations and reflection. The most common technique is the “Mantra” meditation where the practitioners produce sounds or combination of several sounds together played in a spontaneous manner whereas the Steady Gaze meditation or the “trataka” involves steadily gazing on a certain object while “Chakra” meditation helps in the manifestation of energy and mind control. Vipassana Meditation, Raja Yoga Meditation, Zazen, and Nada Yoga can be followed by the ones who wish to move on to the next step in mediation once they know all the basics.

Is Being Happy The Key To Happiness?


Certainly, happiness is a goal everyone tries to ultimately achieve.

Everyone wants to be happy, so on a daily basis, they embark in a journey doing things that will ultimately bring them that happiness.

Many times, they forget to live in the present and be happy and grateful for being here, in this world, with what they have today.

You see, happiness, I believe, is as much as being happy and spreading your happiness with others, rather than “seeking” to be happy.

When you first wake up in the morning, your attitude sets the mood for the rest of the day. If you wake up and think about your bills and any crap that’s going on in the world, then more crap will come to you.

When you wake up, smile and think about all the beautiful things that you have in life and that you are in command of how you feel, then you can be happy.

…And being happy constantly brings about happiness.

Seeking happiness outside of your own person is where a lot of people get it wrong. Being happy comes from within. And it all beings with your attitude.

One way to bring about a constant feeling of happiness is to create a dream list and think about your dreams constantly. When you go to bed, think about everything you accomplish that day and then think about your dreams.

When you wake up in the morning, smile and think about your dreams. Whether it’s skydiving, traveling, owning a fast sports car, being in love – whatever it is, think about your dreams constantly.

You don’t have to seek it out, because it comes from within. Imagine riding in a nice luxury vehicle, getting dropped off at the airport and then being flown away to anywhere in the world.

Where would you go? The Bahamas, Europe, Australia?

I mean, just having these thoughts in your mind make you smile. So the key is, to regularly think happy thoughts and being happy in the moment.

Think about what you have today, your family, your loved ones, your contributions, your skills…

There are so many people suffering in this world, that many of us forget the abundance we have.

Even if you don’t have much, there is someone who has far less and has it far worst than you. So you have to get up, smile, and leave the worrying to others.

As the song says – Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Take every day in stride and be happy and grateful for everything you have. Is that the key to happiness? I certainly believe so.